Flushing Class of 1974 Reunion

Did you graduate from Flushing, Michigan in 1974? If so, join your classmates on Facebook! The “Flushing, MI Class of 1974” just started a few weeks ago, and it’s building up steam quickly. We’d love to have you join us for a Facebook Reunion! You don’t have to travel back to mid-Michigan to meet up with your old friends. We’re right here, sharing what has gone on… and what’s happening now. Join the fun!

It’s easy. If you’re not a Facebook member yet, it’s free. Go to the Facebook website and set up your profile. Once you have done that, look for friends from Flushing Class of 1974. Then, search for the group “Flushing, MI Class of 1974” or Caron Mosey and we’ll get you into the group. It’s a lot of fun!

Go Raiders!

Caron Covert Mosey

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One thought on “Flushing Class of 1974 Reunion

  1. OMG, I remember a few “reunions” at high school. the women didn’t look bad, but some of the men…ugh! It was great though and I hope to go to many more. My daughter and I graduated from the same high school. It’s wonderful to go back together.


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