Yes We Can, Jane Quilt Project

A group of quilters from around the world are working together to create a quilt for the Obama family, to be presented to them, most likely after they leave the White House. Why after? The President and First Lady keep for themselves only a small percentage of the gifts that they receive. Most gifts that the President and First Lady receive while in office that they do not keep are given to charitable organizations or other non-Government recipients by the Gift Unit, or transferred to the National Archives for the future presidential library museum. The finished quilt will be presented once they leave office so that they will be more likely to keep and enjoy this gift of love.
There are still a LOT of details to work out. We are on a journey of discovery. The quilt will be a sampler quilt of 4.5 inch squares, each designed by a separate quilter. While it is not a traditional Jane Stickle quilt, it will have many blocks from that famous quilt incorporated into the design. Each quilter is choosing his or her own blocks following some guidelines voted on by the group. More details may be found on the Yes We Can, Jane group site on Yahoo.
Here’s what we *do* know: We are inspired to hope in things to come. We want to honor this occasion and this family. We are quilters and that is a natural outlet for our hopes. If you want to be a part of this and can enjoy the challenges we meet along the way, please join us. Our collective efforts will create a beautiful and meaningful quilt that will be passed on for years to come. It’s a wonderful way for quilters to come together and have fun in the process! We hope you will consider joining the Yes We Can, Jane group on Yahoo!
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

4 thoughts on “Yes We Can, Jane Quilt Project

  1. I’d make it for the girls Caron. The parents will be getting so many gifts…but little girls love the feelings of quilts and especially getting presents!


  2. What an ambitious undertaking! I would like to add my agreement to the post by Nanci…because this is early on, would you consider a quilt for each of the girls? Keep us posted as plans progress!Pat


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