Free Tree! Free Tree!

The Stick
Yesterday, the City of Flushing gave away free Black Cherry trees for Arbor Day. All you had to do was show up and grab one in the driveway of city hall.

Here is mine. Charlie Brown would be so proud of the City of Flushing.

I don’t think my grandchildren will get to swing from a tire swing on this tree. Maybe my great, great grandchildren?

It’s a STICK, for crying out loud!!! Handed to me wrapped in a wet paper towel. A frickin STICK!
I hope I can manage digging the huge hole this baby will need. Maybe I better have Dean dig it for me. I’ve been very weak lately. I promise I will post regular photos of the growth progress of this tree. I know you will be interested and check back regularly.

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3 thoughts on “Free Tree! Free Tree!

  1. about 20 years ago we got two dogwood trees that were sticks when we got them – you should see them now! Around 15 to 18 feet and blooming every year – of course this is Arkansas and things grow faster – hope you have luck with yours – make sure to put a marker by it so you don’t cut it down with the lawn mower – how do I know this 🙂


  2. What fun you are! A ‘stick’ indeed. . . lol. This little twig will someday be a giant – you can hope, eh?! I planted a ‘twig’ about six months ago and now it has baby lemons on it, so there is hope for your “stick”. I will be back for update-photos! lol
    Quilty hugs,


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