World’s Best Nurse

Everyone should have a nurse like mine. She follows me everywhere, waits for me outside the shower to make sure I’m alright. Sits on my lap or next to me while I sew. Or sleep. Checks on me throughout the day inbetween her naps. Eats with me. Plays with me. Hugs me. Gives me little kisses. She’s worth more than gold.

Thank you, Stormie!

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3 thoughts on “World’s Best Nurse

  1. Good morning Caron! On reading the title, I just knew it was a cat! Glad you have her, and what a beauty she is!

    Our daughter (age 45) was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago. Even before that, her tuxedo cat, Angelina knew when she wasn’t feeling well. She is with her constantly and now even more so that Deb is unable to work.

    What blessings, CAT NURSES!

    Hugs, Karen


  2. Hi Caron,
    Good Luck with your test tomorrow. You are in my prayers. I just did a post a couple of days ago about my cat Rosie. They are such good company!!


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