Ahhhhh… much better!

I posted this quilt a few days ago, and since then have made a change to the block in the top left corner. I like this much better now, and the red and black fabrics that were freyed and ripped have now been replaced. BUT, when I threw it in the washer and dryer, the quilt came out beautiful except for a little red area on that block that ran onto the muslin. ARGH!

I really enjoy hand quilting. I included a lot of it on this quilt… I need to plan to do a whole cloth quilt soon. I’ve been putting it off for years, and I think it is about time.

I had to go to the hospital on Tuesday this week for a cardiac catheter test. I got home from the hospital Wednesday afternoon. My cardiac cath was a breeze, and I got a clean bill of artery health! I’m glad it was a breeze, because the sedation they used (3 injections) had no effect on me whatsoever. I was shaking with nerves, and the doctor kept joking with me throughout the test “ok Caron, quit vibrating my table!”

Dr. Rivera called in a favor from Dr. Alawwa who is a cardiac electrophysiologist. He added me on to the end of his day and took me into the electrophysiology lab for another procedure called a cardiac electrophysiology study (EPS). This test was NOT a breeze… he ran several tiny catheter wires from different veins in my groin into the heart. There, he tested the electrical signals in my heart, changing the heart beat patterns, etc. NOT FUN! Thankfully, I was able to be partially sedated for that one. I got out of that procedure around 9:30 Tuesday night. Because it was so late, they opted to keep me in the hospital so I could get some rest and they could watch me. The test did not find anything wrong with my heart, which is also good.

I am now on a new BP med called Bystolic which seems to be working well. Both doctors feel that a high blood pressure was causing the problems I was having. They may order more tests, but for now I’m good to go. I have to share this: During the Cardiac Cath test when the sedation didn’t work and I was “vibrating the table,” the song “Jesus Take the Wheel” kept running through my head. As soon as I started thinking of the song, the vibrating stopped. Praise God!

Next quilts to work on:

  1. Wedding quilt for Loren and Margaret
  2. Redwork Owls for ME!!!
  3. Scrappy basket quilt for my guest bedroom

Other projects:

  1. Complete more DJ blocks
  2. Make 5 blocks for the Obama quilt “Yes We Can, Jane

Hope all is well in your world. Take care of your health!

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5 thoughts on “Ahhhhh… much better!

  1. You had me worried! I’m so glad the tests went well and you have such good doctors. And I’m so impressed with your quilt legacy. You’ve been doing beautiful work for a long time and have a great collection to show for it.



  2. Am glad you had successful tests.
    My goodness, I remember having full atrialfibrilation attack and thinking I was stressing out! I know your feeling…the shakey shakey thing going on…
    Is that an example of hand quilting that you do? You are truly amazing in your work.
    Once again…a great blog.


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