This Could Be The Start…

of Something Grand!

Scrappy Baskets

My quilts are usually planned for and given to other people. Not so with this baby! This is Momma’s baby! All mine. Do NOT covet this quilt, girls. Yes, I’m speaking to you, Kim and Margaret! One of you can inherit this someday, but until my ashes are scattered someplace purdy, this is gonna be MINE!

I like contemporary quilts, but I’m an old fashioned quilter at heart. This is going to be a scrappy basket quilt for my front bedroom, using only scraps from my scrap basket (ok, there’s more than a basket’s worth there, but you get the idea). Each basket will have a different background and basket fabric… tan, beige and off white backgrounds, mixed colors in the baskets. Yes, Dean, they will be in “Caron Colors.”

He knows what that means.

I’m 2.5 blocks into the quilt, so there’s a long ways to go. I’ll keep you posted.

Don’t get any crazy ideas about sneaking in during the night, either! My cat guards all my quilts. She has nails and she knows how to use them!I'm watching you!

I’ve got my EYE on you!

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