Thoughts on Blogging

What draws you to a blog? What makes you come back for more?

I find as I read various blogs – quilt or otherwise – I love to see good pictures. I love to read about what you are doing in your life, be it quilting, writing, art, or what is going on in your family. Who we are 24/7 says a lot about who we are as a person. If I have been reading someone’s blog for a very long time and then all of a sudden they post an entry without photos, but about their life, I will read the entry without hesitation. But if I visit a person’s blog for the first or second time and there are NO photos, I might not come back. I wonder why that is?

What is it about reading blogs that makes you come back for more? Please share in the comment section below, and let’s get a dialogue going.

Speaking about blogging in general, if you have been following someone’s blog regularly for a year or more… faithfully… and leaving regular comments… faithfully… wouldn’t you think you would see your blog listed in their blogroll? Or am I thinking with a junior high mentality? It sometimes just strikes me as odd.

My kitty is not feeling well. I think it’s a hairball. Having long fur, and with her licking all the time, how can it NOT be a hairball? She’s been laying in strange places, making a feeble whine when she meows, and doing things she normally wouldn’t do. Sad, sad Stormie!

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