Thoughts on Blogging

What draws you to a blog? What makes you come back for more?

I find as I read various blogs – quilt or otherwise – I love to see good pictures. I love to read about what you are doing in your life, be it quilting, writing, art, or what is going on in your family. Who we are 24/7 says a lot about who we are as a person. If I have been reading someone’s blog for a very long time and then all of a sudden they post an entry without photos, but about their life, I will read the entry without hesitation. But if I visit a person’s blog for the first or second time and there are NO photos, I might not come back. I wonder why that is?

What is it about reading blogs that makes you come back for more? Please share in the comment section below, and let’s get a dialogue going.

Speaking about blogging in general, if you have been following someone’s blog regularly for a year or more… faithfully… and leaving regular comments… faithfully… wouldn’t you think you would see your blog listed in their blogroll? Or am I thinking with a junior high mentality? It sometimes just strikes me as odd.

My kitty is not feeling well. I think it’s a hairball. Having long fur, and with her licking all the time, how can it NOT be a hairball? She’s been laying in strange places, making a feeble whine when she meows, and doing things she normally wouldn’t do. Sad, sad Stormie!

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9 thoughts on “Thoughts on Blogging

  1. So sorry to hear about your kitty. I hope she feels better soon. I only just started reading blogs and blogging. I do find I re-visit and follow the blogs that have pictures. I'm really enjoy some of the Dear Jane blogs. My Stitch & Rip Gang just decided to do a Dear Jane as a group. This will be interesting. Get better Stormie. Deb


  2. yes on blogs I like to see what people are working on, photo's of places they go to on trips, hearing about everyday life.
    I know sometimes I forget to update by blogroll when I start reading someone new that I haven't found before. I do add them to my google reader to keep up with blogs but I don't always remember to update the blogroll.


  3. I think I saw my blog once on another blog … at first it mattered now not so much. Like everyone I'm very busy especially in the summer … keep my GC. I actually have about 4 people who leave comments regularly. I don't twitter, I don't facebook … just too old for all that new stuff.

    I use to track my favorites. I leave comments. I find it super irritating (jr high or not) when leaving a question and I never hear a word. I'm busy, they're busy BUT that's just plain RUDE.

    What draws me are interesting projects … quilting or otherwise. I love reading about their families and seeing photos.

    Hope your kitty is better. DH just lost his darling pet Mister …. it's still sad around here. Man did those two love each other.

    Thanks for asking the questions … hope more leave comments.


  4. Thanks for contacting me. Like I said I'm new at this blogging thing. I'm truly enjoy reading all the different blogs and I love how you have Stormie in your blog. She is so cute. Deb


  5. It's funny how blogging takes on a life of it's own. I was just commenting on that today when posting. I usually post a photo because I like to do that and I agree, that the posts I regularly visit usually have photos, but if they don't then I still read the blog. I was on dial up for about a month, could post but couldn't download. I was so thankful to have my regular blog readers still commenting because I was not able to read their blogs due to the dial up problem. the first thing I did when satellite internet was installed was log on and cheer! Didn't you hear me?
    I find that in my daily life, I like to read blogs, and comment to those that I read regularly. I think the commenting is important as we sit down each time to post, it's always a pleasure to know that someone took the time to write just a few notes.
    I visit you because you do such fine work always have the inquiring mind and write a great blog…It's like visiting a friend for coffee…


  6. Nanci,
    Thank you for such a nice comment! I enjoy reading blogs that make me think. Eye candy is nice, also, and I do like to learn from others. Thanks for taking the time to read what I post. It would be nice to have a cup of coffee… in person sometime!



  7. I too am a big picture person when reading blogs. Blogs are like the ultimate picture book! I tend not to read, so much, but more skim, so I think that is why I don't post a lot of chat on my blog–but have wondered about the reading part and if others like to read and know what's going on. This is a super question!
    I also am bad about commenting–I may read/visit faithfully, but for some reason I don't always comment–I need to work on that.
    As for who's on my blog roll—I get lazy about that too and that's bad! I have a separate blog where I keep my roll, but it really needs to be updated. Hmmm…I need to become a better blogger! LOL! I look forward to seeing what others answer to your question.

    Cathy ♥


  8. What brings me to a blog and keeps me….an interesting sentence or photo, or a piece of their work that really speaks to me.

    I've not been blogging a long time, just since late feb. of this year and in the first few weeks I didn't respond to comments because I didn't realize that was what one did. I know it sounds stupid, but I hadn't been reading blogs that long and I would just add a little comment after the few people who commented did. I've since gone back and apologized profusely to everyone I did this too but I'm afraid I definitely offended some.

    I think I'm junior high about the blog list. I had a friend who had me on theirs and then removed me but still emails daily. Go figure. It really hurt at first but since then I've realized I'm doing this because I enjoy it. I want to document my progress in quilting. I want this to be fun! I want my attitude to stay that way too and if I worry I really worry so I just let it go.

    P.S. I found you by circling the Quilt Studio Ring.


  9. I like blogs with or without pictures. Sometimes I surf blogs from work and cannot see the pictures at all. No big deal. I can look at them at home. The content is what I am looking for. Someone who meets the same challenges in quilting or has found a new way to do something that has been driving me up the wall.
    I am new to your blog and plan on enjoying it.
    Karen W. in S.W. Ohio


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