It’s July? Already?

Someone told me today that it is July 6th. What happened to the 4th of July? I missed it! For the past year and a half, someone in our family has been in the hospital at almost every holiday. This time, it was my Father-in-Law. He went in to the ER Friday morning, and he’s scheduled for a procedure tomorrow, Tuesday. No telling how long he will be there. So, needless to say, we spent most of the weekend at McLaren Hospital. My husband is an only child, so there isn’t anyone else to help out, which we are glad to do anyway. But it’s getting a little wierd having to be at a hospital every holiday! GEESH!

Tomorrow is the memorial service for Michael Jackson. I’ve been angered by the media frenzy surrounding the moments and days (weeks?) after his death, yet I have listed to the news and watched television. I guess what has drawn me to pay attention is the sad life he has lived. Through all his talent and good, he has been mocked and ridiculed by so many people. He has had a few people close to him, standing by him through thick and thin. He was put on trial. His family has supported him. He had people who betrayed him, and people who wanted to believe him, yet could not bring themselves to do so. He loved children, and children loved him. He was gentle to animals, and had such a tender way with them. He was known by many names, including King. He was different. He was unusual. I know of another man years ago (2000 some years ago) who faced similar hardships.

Michael may also be more popular after his death. Time will tell. Shame on us for being a part of this media madness. Shame on us for judging him and finding fault with his unusual lifestyle and way of life. No one deserves this. Not in this generation, and not in generations past.
May you finally be at peace.

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2 thoughts on “It’s July? Already?

  1. Thank you for sharing your feelings. I feel like you, ENOUGH ALREADY! Let MJ rest in peace and let his family go on with life.
    The media is just too much. They have to report every iota of info whether there is any truth to it!


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