A Couple of Quick Mentions

Number 1: My Father-in-Law just got home from the hospital. He went in July 3rd. Home now for two weeks, then back for another procedure.

Number 2: I would be happy for Paris Jackson and her two brothers to move in with us. And no, not for the money. They seem like great kids who need some normality in their lives. Paris needs to learn how to quilt.
Number 3: Yes, I started a new quilt. Felt compelled to applique something. Did you know that your Microsoft Word program has lots of GREAT applique designs built into it? Like this one? Snoop around in the fonts and clipart for something you like, blow it up ALMOST to smitherines in Word, then print. Enlarge on the copy machine to get the size you want, and VOILA! You got yerself a darn great pattern, by golly! (This one is not nearly completed… just wait until you see it finished!) And no, I’m not related to Sarah Palin.
Stay tuned for more applique excitement to come.

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