Online Stalkers

I added Google Analytics to my arsenal of blogging tools about a month ago. The results are very interesting, but one in particular is kind of eerie. Using Analytics, you have the ability to see what keywords people have been using to get to your website. For some reason, there is one set of words I never expected to see be in the top for drawing in visitors: “Caron Mosey Family.” This begs the question, WHY?
I never put anything online that I feel any hesitation about posting. I enjoy sharing my love and joy for my family with my online friends. But SHOULD I share it? Does our family have a stalker? Is there someone out there who is keeping watch over what we do? Or are my fellow quilters just curious?
To set you at ease, nobody in my family is a celebrity. Other than my oldest son who happened to land on a Sam Bernstein commercial, we are not on TV, in the movies, or in politics. We are not rich. You cannot profit from us. There is nothing to get… even if you squeeze! We are a close-knit family, and intend to stay that way. You can’t marry into the family – we are all taken and will remain that way.
So those of you searching for the “Caron Mosey Family” on a regular basis, make yourself known!

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5 thoughts on “Online Stalkers

  1. I love Google Analytics. I discoverd that I get the most new hits from people searching for homemade start recipies and patterns for the Chinese Coins quilt. You should google “Caron Mosey Family” and see if you can identify the site that people are looking for.


  2. Caron,

    Vicki made the comment I was going to suggest. Try doing it yourself and see if there is another Caron Mosey and what you can find out.

    I too think like you about sharing family things, but still keep much private, if that makes sense. Knowing the trouble with identity theft etc we deal with in our society today.


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