Facebook Overload

If you’re on Facebook, have you ever had a Facebook Overload? That is, you have so many people on there that you DON’T know… that you can’t find recent postings from those that you DO know? Geesh! I have tried sorting my peeps into groups, and that helps, but it’s still very confusing. I feel all out of whack and overflowing. I love friends… I really do, but I don’t know how to keep up with all these people! How do you manage?

Speaking of lots to do, I’m running out of app space. There are only so many bear hugs, hearts, quizzes, farm gifts, virtual drinks, etc. that I can manage. Do you ignore a lot of those, and if you do, do you feel as guilty as I do?

ADMISSION: I delete businesses that are constantly in my face. I don’t mind an occasional “look at what we’re doing here,” but if all you do on Facebook is push your goodies, I usually will delete. I get enough advertising in the mail and in my spam folder. Sorry, but thanks, no.

Facebook should be a FUN place to chat and catch up with what your family and friends are doing. It shouldn’t be work. Am I right, or don’t I get it?

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