Facebook Overload

If you’re on Facebook, have you ever had a Facebook Overload? That is, you have so many people on there that you DON’T know… that you can’t find recent postings from those that you DO know? Geesh! I have tried sorting my peeps into groups, and that helps, but it’s still very confusing. I feel all out of whack and overflowing. I love friends… I really do, but I don’t know how to keep up with all these people! How do you manage?

Speaking of lots to do, I’m running out of app space. There are only so many bear hugs, hearts, quizzes, farm gifts, virtual drinks, etc. that I can manage. Do you ignore a lot of those, and if you do, do you feel as guilty as I do?

ADMISSION: I delete businesses that are constantly in my face. I don’t mind an occasional “look at what we’re doing here,” but if all you do on Facebook is push your goodies, I usually will delete. I get enough advertising in the mail and in my spam folder. Sorry, but thanks, no.

Facebook should be a FUN place to chat and catch up with what your family and friends are doing. It shouldn’t be work. Am I right, or don’t I get it?

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5 thoughts on “Facebook Overload

  1. personally I think a lot of people over do it with friends. I do not see why people add so many people to their friends list – it is like a personality contest of which I want no part of. When facebook asks me if I want to add someone if I do not know who they are I do not add them.
    I have even gone back in after awhile and took some people off of my friends list because I came to realize that they are chatting of their personal lives with their family or friends and it doesn't really concern me.
    You can go in to your list and delete people from it, you might find it more interesting then.


  2. You can either hide the people that aren't friends, or you can make a filter that is just family or just friends so that you don't have to read the other stuff. FB can get out of control SO quickly!


  3. Hi there!

    I've got a FB account, but it's mostly for family. I'll accept quilting friends requests, to be on my list but RARELY spend time reading their stuff… and promptly ignore anyone's little (virtual) gifties of pies and quilt blocks and whatever else you can think of.

    Don't have time for that nonsense! I have too much OTHER nonsense on the go, as it is! LOL



  4. Caron, I know what you mean about FB overload! That is exactly while I quit…actually canceled my account. It took up too much time. I'm on the computer enough as it is! You know, it feels good to be free!


  5. amen sister. I agree. when they changed FB the last time now when I add a friend I can select to show on my main feed board their status updates or not – what I want to know is how to do that for old friends who were there from the start? they no longer show up on my home page anymore… and those are the people I knew from growing up…

    as far as applications – I use to ignore but now I hit the fine print below them that says “block application” so I dont' get them anymore. when a few of my FB friends started farming – one day I logged on and had over 80 farm requests! aak! I don't have time for that.

    so glad i found your blog! Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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