Lightening and a Movie

Yesterday turned out to be very different from what was planned. We were supposed to spend the day with a group from my work, taking two busses to the Detroit Tigers game. It was going to be very humid and 92 degrees though, so we backed out. I don’t do well in the heat, and the thought of an entire day of that made my stomach crawl just thinking about it. But cudos to Marcus Thames for hitting his 100th career home run!!!

Instead, we took Jacob to see the movie G Force. It was a cute movie with guinnea pigs and action, just the perfect movie for a five year old. I laughed a lot, too!

Even though we had tremendous heat, we had an evening full of thunderstorms and amazing lightening. The sky turned a vivid red – this picture over Tim and Lisa’s house doesn’t really grasp the whole look, though. And, every time I pointed my camera to catch the lightening, I missed it. DRAT!

Hope you had a great weekend!
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