Think Like a Designer

If you are a quilter, are you an artist? You may not think of yourself that way, but that is exactly what you are, particularly if you don’t need someone to give you a pattern to create the visions in your head. This post is designed to make you think about your art.

Garr Reynolds’ ”10 Tips on how to think like a designer” gives the quilt artist food for thought. Listed below are his 11 tips (yes 11, not 10) that he has learned from designers. Apply them to quilting. Hopefully, it will keep you deep in thought for a long while. I am posting this in my studio!

View it in slide form:

In List Form:

1. Embrace constraints.
2. Practice restraint.
3. Adopt the beginner’s mind.
4. Check your ego at the door.
5. Focus on the experience of the design.
6. Become a master storyteller.
7. Think communication not decoration.
8. Obsess about ideas not tools.
9. Clarify your intention.
10. Sharpen your vision & curiosity and learn from the lessons around you.
11. Learn all the “rules” and know when and why to break them.

I love number 8. How many quilters do you know that hoard fabric, patterns and tools?!?