No Saturday mail?

The United States Postal Service is thinking about going to no mail on Saturdays. It won’t bother me a bit! The way it is right now, we hardly get mail on Saturdays as it is! Hubby’s business is located right downtown, and if he gets mail delivery three times a week, it’s a busy week. Half the time, the mailman doesn’t even deliver mail to his business until after he is closed for the day.

Most of the mail we get is trash or bills. Some of my bills I get electronically, and many of them also get paid electronically. We’ve switched to getting the church newsletter via email. I get my U of M Alumni newsletter by email as well. I really could do without mail altogether, if packages could be brought by UPS or Fed Ex.

How about you? If you live in the United States, would you be able to do without the USPS? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, please!


Quilt Wrestling – I won!

Obnoxious Corner

No matter how long you have been quilting, there are times when a pattern or quilt will fight you. I’m making a medallion quilt, and putting a zig zag border on it has been a real pain. It took most of Saturday, but I finished three borders (with a lot of wrestling). Border four will be completed today.

This photo of the obnoxious corner gives you a sneak peak at the fabrics and colors in the quilt. Right now, it measures approx. 50 inches square. I think it will end up at around 60 inches, a nice size for a wall hanging, don’t you think?