No Saturday mail?

The United States Postal Service is thinking about going to no mail on Saturdays. It won’t bother me a bit! The way it is right now, we hardly get mail on Saturdays as it is! Hubby’s business is located right downtown, and if he gets mail delivery three times a week, it’s a busy week. Half the time, the mailman doesn’t even deliver mail to his business until after he is closed for the day.

Most of the mail we get is trash or bills. Some of my bills I get electronically, and many of them also get paid electronically. We’ve switched to getting the church newsletter via email. I get my U of M Alumni newsletter by email as well. I really could do without mail altogether, if packages could be brought by UPS or Fed Ex.

How about you? If you live in the United States, would you be able to do without the USPS? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, please!


6 thoughts on “No Saturday mail?

  1. I wouldn't miss Saturday mail, but I do like getting letters (a very rare thing nowadays) or postcards. I wouldn't want to send birthday cards for $20 a pop.
    Postcards: I participate in Postcrossing and it's great fun. Go to and see.
    And you may visit my dear jane blog at


  2. Our last residence had a cluster mailbox – I hated it! I would go three days at a time before bothering to walk up to the box to check mail. So I know it's easy to go without a delivery on Saturday or other days for that matter. With email and electronic banking widely available, the few things that I send via USPS don't amount to a hill of beans.
    I do love handwritten letters – and sending a thank you is best done on a lovely note card.
    But like everything else – the post office is going to need to adjust to the times.


  3. Hi Caron!

    I always envy the others, with their Saturday mail.

    Here, in Canada, we don't get mail on Saturdays… 😦

    P.S. I have a mini contest on my blog – please comment on my blog, if you haven't done it, yet. *s*


  4. I still ship my packages via United States Postal Service and would never wish for any company to shut down. It will be a sad day when the only service to inexpensively send such items as handwritten letters and homemade postcards shuts down.


  5. You know, I wouldn't mind paying more to send a letter if the service was good. But where I live, the service is horrible! I enjoy receiving the few cards and letters that I do get, but I don't like buying a card and a stamp, dropping it in the mail and having it take 10 days to get to the next state over. And when I go to the post office, it takes forever because all they seem to want to do is sell me fancy stamps, cards, packages, etc. ARGH! Just mail the letter, please.


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