Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick

Sometimes you have to sneak up on them. Sometimes you need to beat them into submission. Those flying geese, that is. The fabric variety. Or, perhaps, it is the quilter who needs to be beaten?

<–Flying Geese, 1980.

Flying Geese, today –>

You see, in 1980 it didn’t occur to me that there needed to be points on the center triangles. DUH! For some reason, triangles were (and still are, sometimes) difficult. My secret, though it takes time, is to paper piece the little buggers (see sample below).

If you have never made flying geese before, I highly recommend paper piecing. It makes for very perfect, pointed triangles every time. These strips will be 62 inches long when finished. Today’s four hours of sewing yielded about 48 inches. I will finish one strip tonight, then will have three more strips to go, soon.

Yes, a big stick is the trick for me… it’s called a YARD stick! It makes a great sewing tool.