Keep the Arts Alive!

With the economy in a slump and unemployment rates climbing around the United States, it is no wonder those in the art field are struggling. From purchasing from the independent artist to buying tickets to the symphony or to the opera, fewer people have money to dedicate to such pleasure.

An article in the Chicago Tribune discusses the demise of the art gallery in the Windy City. The New York Times reported back in June that over twenty galleries had closed…

The question remains:
What can we do to invigorate the arts and keep them alive?

How can I love the arts? Let me show you the ways.

  1. Put a work of art in the window of every business in your town.
  2. You’re going to buy gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays anyway. Treat them to a show in a town nearby, or make your gift something you have bought from an artist or gallery.
  3. Support the arts in person. Attend local art fairs, gallery shows, and museums.
  4. Encourage your child’s teacher to take the class on a field trip to the museum and teach about artists from all walks of live.
  5. Encourage your local school district to keep the arts alive by providing classes in art, music and drama.
  6. If your child… or someone you know shows potential, encourage that child by providing lessons.
  7. Help expand this list. Post your ideas in the comments section below. Remember, QUILTS ARE ART!