Post 350: Are You Creative?

Creative people amaze me. I think being an artist is 40 percent skill and 60 percent creativity. A statistician might argue those numbers, but it’s just my opinion, so to me they make sense.
If you needed a garage, how would you go about building one? Your typical four walls and a roof and car-size door? Yeah, me too. But I think this one is pretty neat! You see, this garage is built out of found objects. Old doors, old windows, old wood, etc. About the only thing on it that is consistent is the roof. Their unique way of assembling the building itself is only topped by their uncanny way of displaying items in their windows as if it were an art gallery. A little bit of glassware here, a little sculpture there.

Does it hold a car? Yes it does. Will it hold a rake and a garbage can? You bet.

My kind of garage! Click on the pictures to enlarge and see the detail. This is really cool!