Lots of Great Things in Flint, Michigan

I just returned from spending the morning in downtown Flint, Michigan. Yes, you read that correctly. Downtown Flint Michigan. Today is the last day of the Flint Festival of Quilts, all located in buildings downtown Flint. Downtown Flint is undergoing a big renovation – and for the first time in I don’t know how long, I felt pretty safe being downtown… and by myself!
If you know the Flint area, you probably remember the rundown Berridge Hotel on Garland Street where the drunks, wine-o’s and derelicts hung out. Well, it’s gorgeous now!!! It has been turned into beautiful loft apartments, and they are stunning.

I saw a lot of quilts at Berridge, the Flint Public Library, the Greater Flint Arts Council, and at the Longway Planetarium. A few quilts with chicken themes caught my eye. One by my friend Carolyn Maloski (it says eggs on it), and another sampler quilt with chickens all over it, funny as all get-out.
Back home, time to do the Saturday grocery drudgery. Have a great weekend!


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