Stress and Quilting

De-stressIf you are visiting my blog, chances are pretty good that you are a quilter. Why do you quilt? Is it because you

  • Enjoy the creative process
  • Need a “blanket”
  • Need an outlet for relaxation
  • Can’t find anything else to do

  • For most of us, the first three choices all fit (although you are stressed when someone calls a quilt a “blanket”!)

    Stress can do terrible things to your body. Here’s a good article to learn what stress does and how your body handles it.

    When are you most stressed? What do you do? I do two things: eat and quilt. If I don’t have something to stitch by hand, I go nuts. Absolutely nuts! In the cold months, that means I need to have a quilt in the process of being quilted. In the warm months, that means that at any point in time that I want to stitch something by hand, I need something portable that I can take with me to the deck, in the car, to the lake, etc. This week I am in the process of preparing a quilt for quilting for those cold fall days in Michigan.

    Are you ever stressed WHILE you sew or quilt? I have learned that not all stitching is stress-free. Sometimes things go wrong. Pieces do not always line up. My brain does not always function the right way, and sometimes I do stupid things and realize them as soon as they are done. I’m good for two problems in a sewing session. I’ve had to learn that after correcting two problems that I have caused, it’s best if I turn out the light and walk away. By telling myself that the sewing gods are busy working with someone else and not me, the stress is removed and I go on to something else. It used to really bother me. Now, I just sigh, say “OK, now is not the time,” and stop.

    How do you handle stress? Talk to me. It’s a good outlet for your frustrations. Click on comments below and release your tension.


      One thought on “Stress and Quilting

      1. good post.
        i'm most stressed when things don't go as I planned them. if my flight is delayed or someone else changes their plans, I'm fine, but if I wanted to do A, B, & C, in that order and we end up having to do B first, I freak out. does this mean I'm a control freak? I find quilting incredibly soothing though and I need it to relax (as it sounds you do too). sometimes i can be pacified by chocolate, or lately candy corn, but 9 times out of 10, 30 minutes to my self with some thread (or even just sitting in my sewing room) and the world seems a lot calmer.
        if only i could get my husband a hobby so relaxing…


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