Time for a Calendar Update!

I’ve had such a busy month… haven’t posted much, but I’ve been busy!

If you are participating in the Monthly Calendar B.O.M., how are you coming along? Share your progress with us by posting a comment below.

This Sunday is November 1st. That means the next step in the calendar will be posted for you. Here’s what mine looks like without the numbers… this is your next step for November. It’s not too late to join in on the fun!


Ebb and Flow

I have the best of intentions. Really I do. I have all these projects in my head; I can see them clearly. I know what they look like, what fabrics are included, how big they are, how they will be quilted, and what I will do with them when they are finished. But in my mind, they will all be finished by the end of the month. Ok, maybe not THIS month. But some month. Soon.

My push to complete projects seems to ebb and flow. I go gang-busters for weeks, then come to a crashing halt. It’s like I can only work so hard for so long, then my brain and creative juices need time to heal. I’m in one of those “healing phases” now. My hands feel like stitching, my mind wants to relax and read.

I started reading the book “Edgar Sawtelle” by David Wroblewski this past weekend, and It has sucked me in like a vaccuum. The book is on Oprah’s list; but that’s not why I am reading it. My father gave it to me after picking it up in a sale at the Flushing Senior Center in town. It wasn’t his cup of tea… he’s more of a history buff.

Have you read the book? Did you like it?

I will be quilting more… hang tight. Right now, I’m reading. Shhhhhhh.


What’s YOUR Word?

Lake Superior State University has released its list of most overused words for 2009. Words you are sick of hearing… words you hate… What are yours? It seems as if acronyms are big on the scene lately. Things like LOL and OMG are now even spoken as if they are a word by themself. So what are the words you are sick of hearing?

Here are mine:

  • Super (as in “Super Sorry”)
  • My friend (as in Caron, my friend!)
  • UFO (Quilters, you know this acronym. Let’s come up with something fresh and new! Personally I suggest the replacement be “blob.”)

OK, it’s YOUR turn!