What’s YOUR Word?

Lake Superior State University has released its list of most overused words for 2009. Words you are sick of hearing… words you hate… What are yours? It seems as if acronyms are big on the scene lately. Things like LOL and OMG are now even spoken as if they are a word by themself. So what are the words you are sick of hearing?

Here are mine:

  • Super (as in “Super Sorry”)
  • My friend (as in Caron, my friend!)
  • UFO (Quilters, you know this acronym. Let’s come up with something fresh and new! Personally I suggest the replacement be “blob.”)

OK, it’s YOUR turn!


2 thoughts on “What’s YOUR Word?

  1. A-mazing! That's what I overuse! And I always say it like two words a…..mazing!

    But it is truly amazing that I fould another “Caron” that quilts. Or rather that you found me on my blog- http://caronsquiltingblog.blogspot.com/ You are certainly a more prolific blogger than me, I am sometimes afraid of getting sucked into the black hole of time when I sit down at the compuuter. I have been speaking at guilds in the midwest, so maybe I'll see you around!


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