It only took one year

…but it’s finished. Last December while we were decorating the house for Christmas, Dean grabbed a long piece of red fabric to cover the beautiful table he made that sits in our living room. He wanted to put a collection of santas and such on the table, but not scratch it. He hinted pretty strongly that perhaps I could whip something up to go on the table NEXT year. This is next year. And whip I did!

I don’t know why the colors in the photo aren’t right… the big squares are a pretty burgandy and green and gold print. Here they look pink. The gold in the border is a metallic. The table is long and narrow, but I think this works quite well for the holidays. YIPPIE! It’s done, and it only took about four hours.
What have YOU made for the holidays?

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you had as wonderful a Thanksgiving with your family as we did!

I have an awesome husband who loves to cook, and he did 95 percent of the meal today. It was scrumptious! Thanks, honey!

Do you like doing jigsaw puzzles? Here’s one to try: Chinese Coins, made in 1986.


I love this quilt! I found it online (click to go to site).

AMERICAN APPLIQUE COXCOMB & ROSE QUILT WITH BIRDS IN FLIGHT and flower vases; ca 1860-80; hand-pieced and quilted in solid red, and beige and printed calico pink cotton fabrics; 70` x 80`.

Sold Date: 10/21/2004
by Cowan’s Auctions Inc.

Hmmm… my brain is working… visualizing fabrics… perhaps something more contemporary looking… Wish I could see the quilting better.

Looking for paper and pencil…


January Calendar Block: Looking Ahead

For those of you working on the Block of the Month Calendar, I would assume that for the most part, much of your fabrics for the blocks can be found in your stash. For those with not much stash (is that possible?!?!?) or for those who just can’t help themselves and need a reason to go buy more (yeah, you know who you are!), I am going to give you information ahead of time so that you can be thinking about or (gasp) buying just the right fabric.

I am not going to show you my finished block until I post the directions and pattern for the January block. This is to instill in everyone the desire to have their block represent THEIR OWN artistic choice of colors.

Here is a sneak peak at the pattern for the the January block (which you will make in December): Yes, it is an applique block, and if you are new to applique, I will walk you through it when the time comes. If you are fairly new to applique, please email me your experience with applique and we can chat. There are several options for you depending on your experience.

I prefer to applique by hand. You might want to applique by machine. If either of these are your choice, you’ll want threads that blend with the fabrics you have chosen. You won’t need a lot, so check your thread supply before you go purchase anything.

If you are not very comfortable with stitched applique (OK, if it terrifies you) you can do fusible applique. In doing so, you will have raw edges and will then quilt over them. If this sounds like something you might be doing, you will need an iron-on adhesive. There are several to pick from. I use a brand called “HeatnBond Lite” by Therm O Web. (NOTE: I do not sell this product, nor do I have any connection to the company that makes it.)

Divider For the January block here are some thoughts on fabric selection:

  • Window trim and sashing: brown for wood or the color of your choice to coordinate with the wall
  • Wall (at the very bottom of the block where the tip of the kitty’s tail hangs): a plain color or “wallpaper” of your choice
  • Sky: blue for a nice day, grey-blue for a blustery day
  • Cloud: white or “white on white”
  • Snow on the ground: possibly a pale blue with white print or a frosty looking fabric
  • Snowman: white on white, but different than the snow on the ground. You’re going to want a contrast so he shows up
  • Kitty: your choice! Calico? Brown? Grey? Black? White?
  • Snowman’s hat: black or dark brown
  • Snowman’s scarf: red or your choice
  • Snowman’s nose: It’s a carrot! Orange!
  • Snowman’s eye: A little black bead or embroidered with black thread

Remember, these are just suggestions. Your block is entirely yours, and the decisions about which fabric to use are entirely yours to make. The goal on this block is not to make a clone of my block, but to do as you see fit, artistically.

In fact, there are options on this block that you might like to consider. Do you want a house or tree in the background? You can add that in. Would you like a curtain on the window? You can add that in. Do you want to add more detail? Go for it! That is the fun part of doing this BOM Calendar and sharing with everyone else who is participating. It will be SO much fun to see what everyone else is doing!


Mystery Block of the Month Calendar, Step 2

Today, November 1, 2009 marks the beginning of Step 2 for our BOM Calendar. If you haven’t joined in on the fun yet, I would suggest doing so soon! The first month is the most tedious… making the numbers. This month, we are working on the base of the calendar: the largest part. I found it to go quickly, though, and I hope you do as well.

You can find directions by clicking here:

When you have completed each ste[, please post a comment on this blog and tell us how to find a picture of your numbers!
Have fun!