South of the Border Fabric has Arrived

Don’t you love getting new fabric? My dad gave me some cash for Christmas, and I knew instantly where it would be going. I hopped online and visited my favorite online quilt shop – and gave it all to them. This fabric will be used as a collection to pull from for my “South of the Border” quilt for a show in which I have been invited to participate at the Greater Flint Arts Council. My next step is to perfect the drawing, then grab my scissors. I’m trying out some new techniques; one involving the use of oil pastels. Yummy!

It snowed a lot in Michigan Wednesday night. I love nothing better than sitting around in the evening hand quilting while it snows. Making some good progress on this quilt… You only get to see a little peek, though!

Do you hand quilt? I find it so relaxing. I quilted every night this week… a look at my pointer finger on my left hand proves my dedication to finishing this quilt. A big, rough callous… with a few pokey pin holes. I feel like a guitar player who doesn’t want to quit playing and lose the callous he has worked so hard to create. It is a valuable part of hand quilting for me!


One thought on “South of the Border Fabric has Arrived

  1. What? Peeking in my brain again for a blog post? That's how I spend extra cash and I love to hand quilt too.

    (which reminds me, yes, I am making progress on the block of the month calendar … a quilt Christmas gift got in the way.In fact, your BOM gave me the perfect display idea for the gift. Pictures coming. Really.)


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