1985 – A Busy Year

In going through an old scrapbook, I located these two pictures. They are of scrap quilts made in 1985 for my brother Bob.

Log Cabin 1985

The log cabin quilt was machine pieced and tied. It’s the only quilt I have tied, and I did not like the process.

Thousands of Triangles 1985
The Triangles quilt, also scrappy, was machine pieced and hand quilted.

I think it’s time he had a new quilt, don’t you?

2 thoughts on “1985 – A Busy Year

  1. Hi Caron,

    Very nice, those 80's colors really bring back the memories. 😎 I have a question. Did the log cabin quilt get used very much, and, if so, did it hold up well? My Grandma used to hand tie her machine pieced quilts and they really wore out much more quickly than the quilted ones.



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