They’re COMING! A great line-up of GUEST BLOGGERS!

Michigan Quilts! isn’t just about me and my silly ramblings. It’s about all the quilters in or from the state that make quilting here what it is. So in honor of our quilting past, present and future, Michigan Quilts! is going to share blogging space with some quilters you might know by name… and some you may have never heard of before.

They’re coming soon…
  • Ami
  • Liz
  • Carol
  • Beth
  • Kaye
  • Elsie
  • Joe
  • Sabra
  • Julie
  • Kelly
  • Janice
  • Dolly
  • another Julie
  • and several more (but I’m going to leave you hanging on those until another day).

Are you interested in joining the group?

Your article can be short, medium or long in length, and be about anything you’d like… a quilt you’re working on, something quilty, random thoughts on fabric, appliqué, whatever. It’s entirely up to you! A picture or two (or three, or four, or… whatever) is helpful to add pizzazz. Links can be to whatever you’d like them to link to, as long as they are clean and family-friendly (duh). I don’t mind if your business is mentioned with a link to a business website, but that should not be the focus of your post.

Now, some people may not think that they have anything worth contributing because they have just started quilting. Every single person on the list above at one time was a beginning quilter. Shucks, there are still lots of things I don’t know and need to learn from someone who knows how to do them, and I’ve been quilting since the mid 1970’s. Yes, I was two years old when I started. AHEM.

So if you’re new to quilting, tell us why you first picked up a needle, what you made, what obstacles did you face, what have you learned since them, and show us a picture or two. We won’t laugh. Really. See the picture here, circa around 1980? Who ever thought Flying Geese had
to have points??? Certainly not me!

So shoot me an email and hop on board. We’d love to meet you!

Summer 2008 Caron with Granddaughter Samantha, floating around Scott Lake in the Waterford area. Can’t believe she’s going to be two in a few weeks!