Quilting Toys for Cats

  My mom has a friend who quilts. Her friend didn’t use to like dogs, but she liked cats. Then for some reason, she brought one of THOSE into her house. Those big, barking things. I’m not comfortable around THEM. My mom and dad used to have THOSE: Elbrus, Maestro and Gretzky. Now they are smart and they have me instead.

DSC03246THOSE guys aren’t meant to live in a quilter’s house. Cats are. Quilters have stuff cats like. To start with, they have quilts. Who ever saw one of THOSE curled up pretty on a quilt?

DSC03247My mom has stuff she uses to make quilts. She doesn’t like me playing with it though, so she usually puts it in a boxy basket. But even when it’s closed, I can see inside if I look hard enough. She puts MY TOYS in there, and I can see them! So at night when she’s sleeping, I get them out.


My favorite things are tucked in the top part.  She thinks I can’t get them out.   It’s easy!  (Please don’t tell!) My favorite one you might not be able to see cuz you can see right through it.  Mom uses it with the pen thingy to write on quilts.  I didn’t think you were supposed to do that.  She tells Jacob all the time not to get by the quilt with pen thingys!   I carry those all around the house and hide them from Mom, especially under the DSC03256couch. I also like the string stuff.  Mom wraps them up on little pieces of cardboard.  I like to pull the cardboard out.  She gets mad, but it’s prettier when you can see more of it.  DSC03257There’s other stuff in the box, but I haven’t figured out what it is or how it works.  If you have any ideas, please let me know.  DSC03259



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