Michigan Quilt Bloggers: Liz Burt

Michigan I love Mackinac Island! It’s a quaint place in Michigan that we rarely visit, but that I adore. As a former teacher, I always thought it would be fascinating to teach on the island. I was thrilled when I discovered Liz through her blog and learned that she is both a teacher and quilter!


quiltstackHi, I’m Liz and I am guest blogging today. I’m nobody special really: I’m almost 40 (insert audible gasp here), a quilter, the mother of two, a school teacher, and I’m one of the 500 people who live year-round on Mackinac Island. Cars are illegal on the island so we do everything by horse, by bike and by snowmobile. If you’re curious about my little island life, grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and read all about it here.

I said that I’m a quilter, but I haven’t quilted much lately. I discovered, as many quilters do, that not much quilting gets done once children come in to the picture. My children are now three and five, and this is the first quilt I’ve completed since they were born.

yellow brick rd1I love this quilt; it’s just so sunny and warm. My friend Maggie made one years ago with the same colors and I just loved it. She has always been my quilting inspiration because she is so prolific. (Just check out her blog and you’ll see.) I borrowed her pattern before my son was born and started collecting fat quarters. I had it all pieced and ready for the boarder when I got pregnant. (Which was wonderful news since it took us two years to conceive.) Now, here we are, six years after I started it and my Yellow Brick Road quilt is finally finished.

yellowbrickrdquiltingUsually I quilt my own quilts on my trusty Bernina, but let’s face it, I wanted this one done. So I sent it to Marsha, a wonderful machine quilter in Fowlerville, Michigan. Marsha is amazing. She’s talented, willing to help you through the quilting design process, and her rates are very reasonable. I’m just so happy with this quilt; it hasn’t left the bed since I finished sewing the binding. Now I’ve just got to find the time to finish the other quilt top that has been languishing since I became a mom. All it needs are the borders and a little of Marsha’s time and then I can enjoy that one too. Hopefully it won’t take me another six years to get it done!

7 thoughts on “Michigan Quilt Bloggers: Liz Burt

  1. Hi Liz,
    I haven't been to Mackinac Island in at least 40 years, but I guess it hasn't changed too much, huh? Still no cars, as you say, but do they allow snowmobiles this time of year?

    My second quilt was a large lap-sized Yellow Brick Road. Here it is: http://susanintexas.blogspot.com/2008/03/posts-copied-over-from.html
    Six years is nothing. My first quilt took me 15 years to complete. lol I had this idea I was going to hand quilt it – yeah right! That didn't happen. I made the Yellow Brick Rd out of the leftovers of the first quilt, and the fabric colors were soooo 80's that I could only find a single blue that matched in my entire local quilt store. lol that was eye-opening. Now that I've learned to stipple (and make even smaller quilts) I'm churning them out quite regularly. 8)

    Nice meeting you,


  2. This is gorgeous!! Love the colors…glad to hear that I am not the only one getting not much sewing done with little ones – my daughter is 2. I really love this quilt! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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