Join Michigan Quilters


Are you a

Michigan Quilter?

Do you live in the state of Michigan?

Do you want to:

  • talk about quilting with other quilters
  • share pictures with other quilters
  • meet up at quilt shows with other MI quilters
  • ask for and give advice to other quilters

If the answer is YES,

Join the MICHIGAN QUILTERS group on Yahoo!

It’s free… Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Join Michigan Quilters

  1. I been having a ongoing problem with brights and blenders! What would someone consider appropriate NEUTRAL to go with blenders… besides blacks…

    Would bright white or a cream white best set off very bright blenders?

    Can you put all the hues, shades, tints, of a color in one quilt?
    For example:
    mint, lime, olive, fern, evergreen, hunter greens all in the same quilt?

    Just want other quilters input.


  2. What about a warm, toasty brown? Or a tan? I think something in the brown family would set them off, yet give a warmer look than a white or cream, but that's just my taste!


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