Show Me Your Thimble Week

Do you wear a thimble when you sew? How about when you quilt?

My mother taught me the importance of wearing a thimble when I was a little girl. Mom sewed all my clothes until I was in high school and learned by working with a seamstress in the fashion industry in New York where she worked after high school. To this day, I can’t sew unless I have a thimble on the middle finger of my right hand.
Why wear a thimble? For two very good reasons.

ONE: The thimble protects your finger. Have you ever been pushing on a needle or pin and had your hand slip… and jammed the sharp point into your skin? OUCHIE! Major pain! Whenever you are hand sewing with any kind of needle, there is always a possibility for injury.

TWO: A thimble is a tool. It helps you push the needle through the fabric with more force than your bare fingertip. It has little indentations on the tip that grab the needle and allow you to give direction wherever you want it to go. Without a good thimble, the rocker motion that hand quilters love for hand quilting is next to impossible.

Caron's Thimbles

There are many different types of thimbles; metal, rubber, flat, curved, thimbles for your middle finger, thimbles for your thumb, fancy, plain, gold, silver, black… People have been collecting thimbles for hundreds of years. I don’t have a lot of thimbles, but those I have are special to me. I have all my Mom’s thimbles. I have a beautiful thimble my hubby bought me for Christmas one year. I have one that my dear friend Ami made for me when she was taking a class at the Flint Institute of Arts. It even has my name on it!

My thimble

Here’s a picture of the thimble I use the most… in action!

What thimble do you use the most?


Post a picture of it on your website or blog, and in the comments area below, give us the URL (website address) where we can see it.