What Quilt Goes With This House?

I love houses of all styles and ages.  I like to imagine what they look like inside… how they are decorated, who lives there, what hobbies the people have (if any), and best of all, what kind of quilts they might have in their home. 
Want to play along?   Below are a few random houses.  Leave a comment following this post, and number from 1 to 5 and describe the kind of quilt you think the owners would have in their house.  Then tell which house you like the best! 
1) 56493_wallpaper280
2) floweryard
3) farmhouse 
4) house_neview_bodycomb
5) Henderson_House

4 thoughts on “What Quilt Goes With This House?

  1. Let's see:

    1) Hearts & Garlands by Liz Jones at the Houston Show. Here's a slideshow of just that quilt (it won one of the big prizes) http://s261.photobucket.com/albums/ii60/SusanInTexas/Houston%20Quilt%20Festival/Liz%20Jones/?albumview=slideshow
    2) Something northwoodsy with a moose on it.
    3) A Baltimore Beauty
    4) An all-batik quilt with a bold pattern
    5) This one is tough. I'm not sure, perhaps a landscape quilt?

    PS I'll take one #4 to go please. 8)

    Thanks for the fun,


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