April – Block of the Month Calendar

April Showers…

bring May flowers!
This is a fun block to make… I used the fusible applique’ method to secure each little piece, then did a finishing stitch around the edges on most pieces. If you make this block, choose a rainy looking background, then play in your stash for the little pieces of color.

The pattern is available for you, but you will need to enlarge it to fit the 16 inch square, because for some reason the copy machine I used to scan to pdf won’t do something this large without reducing it. The pattern is available by clicking here.

In preparation for the May block, you’ll want about 1/3 yard of an ombre’ with solid areas (not print) in colors suitable for flowers. Here’s an example from
eQuilter.com showing what I mean… it is one piece of fabric that gradiates to the different shades.

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2 thoughts on “April – Block of the Month Calendar

  1. Hi I am in search of a quilter. I would like to have made a quilt for my daughters graduation from High School. I have material from all of her dance outfits and cheerleading outfits. Can someone lead me to a quilter. My email is annsi986@aol.com. I live in Michigan. Thanks and I love all of the quilts on this web-page very neat and creative.


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