Embroidery Enhances Applique’

Flowers need stems!

Do you applique’?  I find that when I do applique’, I usually add some type of embroidery to my work.  Whether it is simple veins on a leaf, a stem for a flower, eyes to a person or animal, a short line from a Add a simple quotationpoem or a quotation or textural element – most of my applique’ quilts include embroidery.


I love adding texture to quilts.  It’s not as difficult as you may think.Red on brown Red on blue for texture Here, simple straight rows of a variation of red and burgundy thread adds dimension to the piece.  Notice how the look changes with the color of the background fabric?

Straight stitches   It’s a simple process… load your needle with 2 or 3 strands of floss, then take small stitches in either a straight line or scattered area.  Repeat… over and over.   NOTE:  This is easy work to do while watching television. 

As a quilter, I collect embroidery thread just like I do DSC03369fabric, only it is much less expensive!  I try to keep it organized in a little case, and label each card that I wind it on with the number of the floss color.   I stick with DMC so they are all the same quality.

What have YOU embroidered lately?   Share with the Michigan Quilts! readers using the comment section below.  Feel free to include a link to a picture of your own embroidery.   We will love you for it!