Embroidery Enhances Applique’

Flowers need stems!

Do you applique’?  I find that when I do applique’, I usually add some type of embroidery to my work.  Whether it is simple veins on a leaf, a stem for a flower, eyes to a person or animal, a short line from a Add a simple quotationpoem or a quotation or textural element – most of my applique’ quilts include embroidery.


I love adding texture to quilts.  It’s not as difficult as you may think.Red on brown Red on blue for texture Here, simple straight rows of a variation of red and burgundy thread adds dimension to the piece.  Notice how the look changes with the color of the background fabric?

Straight stitches   It’s a simple process… load your needle with 2 or 3 strands of floss, then take small stitches in either a straight line or scattered area.  Repeat… over and over.   NOTE:  This is easy work to do while watching television. 

As a quilter, I collect embroidery thread just like I do DSC03369fabric, only it is much less expensive!  I try to keep it organized in a little case, and label each card that I wind it on with the number of the floss color.   I stick with DMC so they are all the same quality.

What have YOU embroidered lately?   Share with the Michigan Quilts! readers using the comment section below.  Feel free to include a link to a picture of your own embroidery.   We will love you for it! 

One thought on “Embroidery Enhances Applique’

  1. Hi Caron,
    My friend, Nancy, always kept her floss on cards just like yours. It's a very nice system, but I never cared for the way the floss always ends up being kinked when it came off of the card. Plus, I like to pre-cut my floss before storage so those cards weren't practical for me. I use the LoRan Mastercard system, which works well for my purposes. I have three organizers stuffed with about 35 Mastercards shown here:

    I inherited a bunch of floss from a friend, then bought some more, so I have almost all the colors of DMC. I remember spending about a week of evenings cutting the floss and loading the Mastercards. I called it making my OCD work for me. lol I really like the Mastercards, though LoRan has changed the organizers on me now that I need to buy another one 8(.

    Your embroidery is lovely!
    All the best,


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