Have You Seen My Foot?

zipperfoot My main sewing machine is an old Bernina Nova, circa 1978.  My zipper foot, BERNINA #4 ZIPPER FOOT, seems to have had a mind of its own and has gone walking off on a journey.  I have NO idea where it is, and I use it a lot.  I looked everywhere! 

Not being able to locate said foot, I checked several sites online looking for a replacement.  The best I could find was:

#54 Zipper Foot With Teflon – Fits model number 1630 and Older $79.99 plus S and H.

OMG!  Off to eBay I went and put in a bid.  Don’t you dare bid against me!  And if you’re wondering why I am still using this old machine, there are two good answers.  Number 1:  I like it.

Number 2:   I am cheap.  New machines are expensive.  I bought a Pfaff Grand Quilter almost two years ago.   When my ship comes in, I will buy another new machine that does fancy things.   I’m not a fancy person.  I can wait.

A Great Link

baskets Take a little time this weekend and make an easy fabric basket!

I love these little baskets. Great directions have been provided at the link above.

Have I ever shown you Stormie’s quilt? It’s on the bed in our guest room. Stormie uses it more than anyone else. You can tell by the extra warmth provided by leftover fur, spread evenly over the quilt. With Jacob and Samantha spending the weekend at Grammy’s house, maybe I better remove that fur. Hmmm.Stormie's Quilt

Have a great day!