Have You Seen My Foot?

zipperfoot My main sewing machine is an old Bernina Nova, circa 1978.  My zipper foot, BERNINA #4 ZIPPER FOOT, seems to have had a mind of its own and has gone walking off on a journey.  I have NO idea where it is, and I use it a lot.  I looked everywhere! 

Not being able to locate said foot, I checked several sites online looking for a replacement.  The best I could find was:

#54 Zipper Foot With Teflon – Fits model number 1630 and Older $79.99 plus S and H.

OMG!  Off to eBay I went and put in a bid.  Don’t you dare bid against me!  And if you’re wondering why I am still using this old machine, there are two good answers.  Number 1:  I like it.

Number 2:   I am cheap.  New machines are expensive.  I bought a Pfaff Grand Quilter almost two years ago.   When my ship comes in, I will buy another new machine that does fancy things.   I’m not a fancy person.  I can wait.

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