1985-2010 Twenty-Five Years of Quilt Art Engagement Calendar



I’m feeling old.  In 1985, the American Quilter’s Society in Paducah, KY printed the very first Quilt Art Engagement Calendar.  The calendar is “A collection of prize-winning quilts from across the country.”  Klaudeen Hansen and Annette Riddle were commissioned to “seek out fifty-four outstanding quilts from East to West and North to South.”  That process continues still, 25+ years later. 



scan0016These are pages from the very first edition.  This is my son Loren’s quilt.  One of these days, it will leave my house and go to his.  It’s hard for me to let go of.January1985

Quilters who were in the very first edition way back in 1985 include the following:

Imogene Gooch

Arlene Statz
Caron Mosey Jean Eitel
Genevieve Bakel Joanne Johnson
Margaret Maki Philomena Wiechec
Karin Matthiesen Ethel Hickman
Caryl Fallert A group from the Iowa Quilter’s Guild
Janice Streeter Dottie Deuser
Glenys Nappo Marion Huyck
Deborah Kameyer Virginia Ferrill Piland
June Culvey Laura Crews
Dortha Hester Hazel Reed Ferrell
Pattie Daniel Barbara DeCamp
Patsye Knight Mary Sorensen
The Capitol Quilters Jane Miller
Helen Sloan King Dorothy Stovall
Jinx Cutter Richmond Alice Olsen
Agnes Hooper Judy Florence
Nancy Applegate Nancy Pearson
Alice Olson Pat Brooks Gaska
Jane C, Miller Marzenna Krol
Hertha Brinkmann Deborah Hall
Kyle Williams Francie Ginocchio
Carol Meyer Joan Waldman
Ami Simms Julia Needham
Patchwork Emporium Peg Ries
Jane Hall Ronnie Durrence
Becky Herdle Elaine Darr Sparlin

I wonder how many of those early quilters are still quilting?  I know a few are no longer with us. 

Calendar2011 AQS has just released the next calendar available for purchase.   I’m looking forward to browsing through it to see the beautiful quilts.  I’m also looking to see how many names I recognize.  What kind of work does THIS NEW GENERATION produce?

Please get your own copy.

I know you’ll enjoy it, not just for one year, but for many to come. 

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