It’s not my favorite color

pink Pink.  This is a beautiful fabric.  If you love the fabric and color, this is available from  It’s from the “Garden collection,” and if you click here it will take you right to where you can order it. 

But pink isn’t my color. 


7212If you follow my blog, you probably know I’m working on a redwork quilt covered with owls.   Redwork.  Red.  I spotted a fabric I absolutely had to have.   It has a red background, beautiful black swirls and curly ques, and highlights of crisp white.  I still love the fabric. DSC02875

I always prewash my fabrics, JUST INCASE.  Just incase this happens.DSC03502

Do you see the pretty pink in there?  That’s after THREE washings in HOT HOT HOT water to remove the excess red dye.  Red dye is a bugger.  Red dye loves to get on white fabric and turn it pretty pink.  Only when you’ve spent a year working on a quilt that is red and white, pink is NOT what you want to see.

After the rinse above, I pulled out my bottle of Retayne. 

Dear God, please be with me and the Retayne and the pretty fabric.  Help us keep the dye clinging to the fibers in THIS fabric, and do not let it mess with my embroidered WHITE fabric with the adorable owls.  Amen.