It’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival Time!

JacksBeanstalk I thought for this round of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival I’d share the cover quilt from my first book, America’s Pictorial Quilts, published in 1985 by the American Quilter’s Society. This quilt was made for my son, Loren when he was a toddler. Now, almost 30, he and his fiance’ are preparing for their July wedding.

The quilt was based on a favorite folk tale, Jack and the Beanstalk, and for several years, traveled around the country to various exhibits and teaching engagements. There are many little items that were “snuck in” for giggles… an apple pie on the windowsill, a bra hanging on the clothesline, etc. It is a full-size quilt, tucked away to give him some day. I think that day is not far off.

Loren and Margaret, New Year's

Note: The quilt is not a wedding present for the couple…

16 thoughts on “It’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival Time!

  1. I recognized the beanstalk before I scrolled down to the whole picture of the quilt! How imaginataive and fun. What a great pictorial quilt. Thanks for sharing your quilt's story, and congrats to the nearly wedded!


  2. Wow! Beautiful quilt! I love your imagination and the whimsy look. So, your note says this is not the wedding gift. Does that mean we will get to see a wedding quilt in the near future? (Home is Where We Park It) Sandy @ BentNeedles&TangledThreads


  3. This quilt is great fun, both because it's based on the story and because of the added little surprises in it. Thanks for sharing it with us, and best wishes to the happy couple.


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