Michigan Quilts! Comment Policy

Why does a quilt blog need a policy on comments? Geesh!

Michigan Quilts! Loves it when readers leave comments. It lets me know that what is put on the website is actually being looked at by human eyes. The pictures are seen, the words are (hopefully) read or skimmed over. Most of the comments that are left here are good and greatly appreciated.

So what can you do with the comment section on this blog? More than you can on some other blogs.

Here are some things you can include:

  • Responses to an article that agree or disagree intellectually. If you like a quilt, tell WHY. Say more than just “very pretty.” Tell WHY you think it’s pretty.
  • If you read an article in Michigan Quilts! that shows a technique and you have a different technique that you like, it’s okay to share, just don’t make us look stupid.  Please.  With sugar on top.
  • If you like something and leave a comment, can you tell someone else? Share the article with a friend, or forward a link to a new quilter.
  • If you read the blog and like it, tell us, then click on the FOLLOW button so you can come back for more.
  • If you want to share a link with the Michigan Quilts! readers, feel free! (Some blogs object, but I don’t.) Just be polite and don’t self-promote and spam yourself all over the Internet via this blog. Once in a great while is fine. Just be kind. elf

What you can’t do in the comment section:

  • Go off topic. If an article is about Amish quilts, don’t tell us about a great knitting pattern you just published on your own site for $19.95.  That will get you a wedgie.   A big one. 
  • Be rude. Don’t be rude on Michigan Quilts! If you’re rude, I’ll send my evil elf to your house to unorganize your stash big time! Threads will be cut. Bleach will be used. Rotary cutters will have their blades bent. It won’t be pretty.
  • Post racist or obscene comments.  Come on, people… be kind.
  • Violate trademarks, copyrights or intellectual property rights in your comments.  I have sued for copyright infringement before.  I know how it’s done. 

What you do that ticks us off:

  • Leave comments with no possible way for us to send you a splendidly nice email saying thank you. Before you leave comments, please make sure that you have enabled your email address so that we may reach you.