What do you want to know about quilting? ASK!

Questions No matter who you are or how long you’ve been quilting… we all have questions.  On or around the 10th of each month, Michigan Quilts! will have a question and answer session called
You post a question in the comment section… Other people will chime in and respond. 
Your questions might be about fabric:  “How many yards do I need to buy for a backing for a queen size quilt?”
They might be about thread:  “I’m hand quilting and don’t know what kind of thread to use that won’t tangle.”
They might be about batting:  “What kind of batting is easiest for hand quilting?  For machine quilting?”
They might be about needles: “What needles do you use for applique?”
The possibilities are endless! 
Go ahead… ASK us something!

2 thoughts on “What do you want to know about quilting? ASK!

  1. AccuQuilt… Is that the dye cut system? or the one using rotary cutter with guides? All the names on these systems sound the same to me.


    As to how many yards to buy for a queen size quilt. I always buy three yards for an outer border and cut them length wise… The lenght / selvage gives you more stable borders less likely to waiver… You can get about 9-10″ width border out of that yardage. Left overs go into my scrap bin.

    Depending on the “print of the fabric” I buy gets me enough for 480 inches around a large quilt. Lately I have been doing blended floating boarders that “leak” into each other, so I tend to buy more border fabrics to play with on my quilt.


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