Wedding Medallion in Blue


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“Wedding Medallion in Blue”

60 inches square

Hand applique’, machine pieced, hand quilted 2009-2010 by Caron Mosey as a gift for the wedding shower for Margaret Carson and Loren Mosey.  Shower held at Domino Farms, Ann Arbor, MI, June 12, 2010.  Note:  Shower entertainment included belly dancers and lessons for the ladies in the bridal party!  Lots of fun!

Setting Up Your Own Quilting Business


Have you given any thought to setting up your own quilting business?

Whether you are thinking about setting up a small business for a machine quilting service, a business featuring your own quilting designs for sale, or a shop that sells quilting fabric and notions for sale online, there are so many different factors to consider that it can make your head spin.

There is no short supply, either, of home-based quilting businesses.  All you have to do is open any of the many quilting magazines and look at the back section of advertising to see the vast array of business owners trying to make a living in the quilt world.  And, with each business goes thousands of hours and even more dollars invested.  Before you invest any money, invest your time doing the research.

When I think of a quilting business,  I think fabric.  Fabric is the life-blood of the quilter.  Without fabric, where are we?  There are so many online fabric shops – yet the one that I always seem to turn to is eQuilter DSC03305has grown from a small business to now having a 15,000 sq ft warehouse full of fabric.  15,000 square feet!  That’s huge! To get some idea of the workings behind the scene, visit their About page and do some reading.

DSC01989Are you thinking about selling quilting patterns?  Whenever I think about looking for quilting designs, I go to Quilter’s Cache. Quilter’s Cache is a great, free site with hundreds of patterns for quilt blocks that are free.  There are also patterns you can purchase, and it is the advertising and sale of patterns that helps her make money from Marcia’s site.  Because the site is a gift of love, Marcia has set up a donation button to help fund the free patterns.

Any home-based quilting business will require:

  • initial financial stash
  • advertising and promotion – good photos are critical, as is someone to design your marketing for you
  • a good website designed by someone who knows what they’re doing
  • product – what are you going to sell?
  • labor – who will do the work?  If you pay others, you need more money.  If you do it yourself, you need more time!
  • Space – will you work in your basement, dining room, attic, spare bedroom or do you need to buy or rent real estate?
  • 48 hour days

The main thing you need to be successful in any quilting business is time for research.  Do your due diligence.  Here are three sites to get you started: