Medallion Quilts: Lots of Links

Quilts 015 I have always loved medallion quilts, but until the last year, never attempted one.  Until “Wedding Medallion in Blue.”  There is a good description of medallion quilts on that provides lots of details.

Quilts 024 I have a lot of respect for the makers of medallions.  As described on Womenfolk, “Although the centers of many medallion quilts were exquisite, just as fascinating are the numerous styles seen in the multiple borders on these quilts.”  While I loved doing the design and appliqué on the center of the quilt (the focal point), it was the borders that took the longest to make.  Each border had to be measured precisely, and the blocks designed to wrap the corners perfectly.  One little goof in the math and you’re done!

I should mention the center portion where the appliqué is.  I wanted something feathery, yet didn’t know exactly what.  Then one day at work I was looking for a piece of clipart for something I was writing and came across these feathers.  In clipart form, they measured about 1.5 inches long.  But with a copy machine you can blow them up to any size.   I enlarged them a little, then adjusted the pattern the way I wanted it.  When I had the design I liked, I then blew them up even larger.  Voila!  Patterns for the appliqué’ were made, and the stitching began.  I love how they turned out!

Moral of the story:  Microsoft can be a designer’s best friend.

Here are some links to other medallion quilts:

Mariner’s Medallion

Antique English Medallion

Washington Medallion Quilt

Flower Basket Medallion Quilt

American Eagle Medallion Quilt

Hedgehog’s Medallion

Have you made a medallion quilt?   Share a link to a picture of it.  We’d all like to see more!

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