Ipod Disaster Remedy

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Have you ever had your computer crash, and lost your iTunes in the process?  My hubby’s died last November.  We had to take it to the computer doctor (to whom we will never go back) who proceeded to wipe it clean of everything, and oh, forgot to save his iTunes library. 

Today, we finally restored his iTunes to his computer, half a year later.  The songs were on his iPod, so he could still listen to them (all 28 days worth), but he couldn’t add any new music to it. Should you ever have this problem, I strongly recommend using iGadget software, which you can download from the Internet.  It was SO easy to use!!!

I finished the August calendar block today, and I love it!  It just might be my favorite so far!  You’ll see it in a few days… I’m working on the directions.

Hope you had a great weekend!