2010 Ann Arbor Quilt Show

I attended the 2010 Ann Arbor Quilt Show today with my hubby, who I think enjoyed it every bit as much as I did. It was held on the campus of Washtenaw Community College. The quilts included in this slide show caught my eye… I’m sure they’ll catch yours as well.

There were many more beautiful quilts, but these grabbed a place in my heart for
A) design
B) workmanship
C) creativity
D) choice of colors and fabrics
E) precision in quilting

At this time, I don’t know who won viewer’s choice…  If I can find out, I will add it when I do.
Hope you enjoy this slideshow.  You can pause on any slide to study it more or read the information cards that are provided.

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I haven’t posted in awhile.  Nothing super exciting going on.  In fact, just the opposite, I think.  Sometimes 34501_1452290501090_1048090427_31311091_7244054_nwe all just need some time and space to let the dust settle after a whirlwind event… like a wedding.  It caught up with me, and my brain and body are fighting back.  When that happens, I need to rest both.   My baby boy is now happily married… and we’re all so happy!


So here’s some random thoughts, bits and pieces from my resting brain.

  • Michigan has its own oil spill.  It’s not the size of the one in the gulf, but it’s huge for the environment.  How does one fight back something of this magnitude?
  • October 18th is the date.  I’m excited, yet I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say I’m scared and nervous.  I’m having a gastric bypass.  Oct. 18th is the date of the new me.  Kind of like a birthday all over again.
  • I’m ready for fall already.  The heat and lack of rain is getting to me.
  • It’s amazing how creative you can feel when you get a new art catalog in the mail.  I want one of those, three of those, and a tube of each color, please.
  • I think the court system in our country takes advantage of people who need them the most.  It’s nothing more than a way to gouge people who are hurting, down and out.  Especially when it comes to divorce.  I’d like to take the judge who presided over my brother’s case and pound him into the ground.  I’m just sayin… a person can only take so much. 
  • Really looking forward to going to the quilt show in Ann Arbor this weekend.  Loads of fun and inspiration.  YAY!

Take time for self-reflection… OR There’s a reason they’re called UFO’s

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This post was triggered by a fellow quilter perhaps a month ago when she said she had pulled out an older quilt top and was astonished at the color green she had used.  I commented back on Diane’s blog that she was not alone.  I, too, fell prey to a pretty, albeit strange green once upon a time.  I knew I still had the project somewhere in the basement.   But which blue Rubbermaid tub was it in?

Tonight, I located it.  And yes, this project has many flaws. 

It began with my desire to create a masterpiece back in the early 1980’s.  I wanted an elegant, period-looking piece reminiscent of the 1800’s.  A beautifully appliquéd piece with lots of room for teeny tiny hand quilting stitches that were my strongest talent at the time.  I decided the repeated blocks (9 in all) would be best stitched together (flaw Number 1) on the same piece of muslin, not sewed individually and then pieced together.  The muslin I used was not the best quality.  That’s flaw Number 2.


I wanted a red, green and white quilt, yet something went terribly wrong.

Flaw Number 3:  I opted for polished cotton in pink and burgundy.   POLISHED cotton. UGH.

Flaw Number 4: It’s not green.  It’s a deeper greenish turquoise.  It’s pretty, but it’s the wrong color.  Totally wrong. Actually, I think it’s the same “green” as Diane used. 

Flaw Number 5: I should have finished appliquéing the blocks and THEN planned and sewed the border.  I think I had a huge attack of ADHD back then.

I will say, in looking carefully at my appliqué stitches, it was beautifully sewn. Click on the picture to enlarge it and see for yourself.  The bias-cut fabric was also beautifully crafted.  It’s perfectly even, nicely pressed and stitched down.  Really!  The little “green” leaves are not too shabby, either!    OK, this is really wrinkled, but it’s been crammed into that Rubbermaid tub for almost/over 30 years!   That might be older than YOU!  I’m no spring chicken, you know!

Yes indeed, there’s a reason we have so many UFO’s tucked away in silence.  It’s a good thing they don’t speak up and make themselves heard more often.  crazy

I DO think it’s good to look carefully at my work.  I know it helps me become a better quilter.  But sometimes I question my sanity. What was I thinking?

Carpenter’s Star Quilt Part II

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I received a warm letter and some beautiful photos from a fellow quilter after my first post on the Carpenter’s Star quilt pattern.  Lin McQuiston from Ohio  made this gorgeous quilt two years ago that she won a ribbon for.  Myrtle Beach Memories 2This is her “Myrtle Beach Memories” quilt. I’ll let her tell you about it!

“I’m very proud of this quilt, as I did the whole thing myself – even the quilting.  Here’s the story:” 

My husband and I have vacationed with our two children in Myrtle Beach since the early 80’s.  Even though we’ve been empty nesters for awhile, we still go down there from Cleveland, Ohio once a year.  I started quilting in 2000.  In 2006 I discovered the quilt shop, Sewing in the Carolinas.  They had this quilt on display, only in blues and greens.  It was stunning in those colors, but they wouldn’t go with my house, so I chose blues, pink and browns.  I did buy the blue and green fabric to make a small wall hanging out of the same fabric.   The pattern and fabrics sat for over a year while I finished up other projects. 

CS2 At my Fall retreat in 2007 I decided to piece the two quilts.  When I got the fabric out to cut, my taste had changed, and I hated the blue, pink and brown fabric.  I searched all over the Internet to purchase more of the blue and green to make the larger quilt.  So, I actually made this quilt twice using both color ways.  When the pink, blue and brown one was all pieced, I fell in love with it all over again.  I’m so glad I stuck with it.  In the meantime, in 2008 I purchased a used HQ16.  I was determined to learn how to quilt these myself.  I joined MQR (Machine Quilters Resource), an online forum, and asked a lot of questions.  I quilted the blue and green one first, and made a lot of mistakes.  I didn’t choose the right batting for one – so my motifs didn’t pop out.  I also didn’t do my background fill tight enough, and I had too much detail in my motifs.  I corrected all those mistakes with the next one.  When I took it off my frame, I actually cried.  I just couldn’t believe  I was capable of doing that kind of quilting myself.  I had never done any kind of custom quilting before.  In Feb 2009 I put it in a large local show here in Northeast Ohio.  I received an Honorable Mention ribbon.  The quilt is about 70 x 70.  I used two battings, Warm & Natural on the bottom, and Quilter’s Dream Puff on top to CS3get the trapunto look.  Most of the fabrics are batik but some are cotton.  I used King Tut variegated thread and So Fine for the pebbling.    

My quilt is named

Myrtle Breach Memories II.

Lin McQuiston

Lin, thanks SO much for sharing your beautiful quilt and story! 

Readers, please be sure to leave a comment for Lin so when she checks back, she can read what you have to say.

Carpenter’s Star Quilt

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I love quilts that offer lots of room for hand quilting.  I’m pondering this pattern, making it with as few seams as possible to facilitate easier quilting.   So I think I will hand piece it… Now to choose colors and draft the design to size… for a queen size bed. 



Here’s one I found on Google Images… if you click on it it will enlarge it so you can see the fantastic quilting.

green%2Bquilt%2B186 If you know who made this quilt, please let me know so I can give due credit!  It is fabulous!

I wonder what colors I should choose to go in my bedroom?

Ready for Stitchin’

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Finished the top… waiting for backing to arrive so I can quilt and ship.

Is it “manly” enough?

A Perfect Day for a Wedding

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We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for my son Loren and Margaret’s wedding!  It was a little warm (OK, a LOT warm), but the sun was shining and everyone was smiling, and everything went perfectly. 

DaveMarge The bride was stunning!

  The wedding was held at German Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  DSC03715


Grandson Jacob and Flower girl Samantha





Yummy cake… and much kissing…

MargeandKids37611_1514620674150_1493432019_1307872_5986768_n (1) 

BoysnBeerThe boys and their beer… 

(Samantha, my son Sean, DH Dean, The Groom Loren, Best man Eric, Jay and the bride’s father Dave)


Son Sean dances with daughter Samantha








My beautiful Daughter-in-Laws

Kim and Margaret



I am tired, but so, so blessed!

I’m a Little Busy

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This weekend, this little boy…


is marrying this little girl.









As mother of the little boy, I have lots to do.  I’ll post pictures when my feet are propped up on the couch after the excitement begins to wear away.

Pray for good weather in mid-Michigan. It’s an outdoor wedding!

We Have a Winner!

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Barbara is our winner for the most recent giveaway on Michigan Quilts!    Congratulations, Barbara!