August Block of the Month Calendar

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This block was made for my grandchildren, who will be going on their first camping trip this August.  I am hoping that this new generation brings the Mosey family better luck when it comes to camping.  When my boys were young, we went camping frequently.  It became the family joke:

Everytime the Mosey’s go camping and set up their tent, God starts laughing and says, “Let there be rain!”   And there was rain by the bucket-load. 

The pattern for this block

may be downloaded here.

Published by Caron Mosey at Michigan Quilts! 2010

2 thoughts on “August Block of the Month Calendar

  1. I LOVE this block! Hubby and eldest are going camping this month, three days at the Hiawatha Music Festival near Marquette. Personally, I love the IDEA of camping, but prefer the local Sheraton.
    Thanks Caron!


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