Spools Quilt Pattern – ‘Klosjes’ Quilt Pattern

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I’ve been looking for a quilt pattern to work on that I can hand piece and take my time with.  I love hand piecing in the evening.  I find it relaxing.  The Spools pattern is one that many quilters are working on right now.  It’s a possibility!  As I surf around the Internet though, I am finding many different variations on this pattern.  Some have more pieces than others.  Which to do?


Here is a lovely start that I found at Valentina’s Corner. spools8

Here are a variety of blocks I found at Google Images:

spools7  spools6

spools5 spools4    spools3 spools2 spools1

Have you made a Spool Quilt? If so, what pattern did you use?  5 pieces in the block? 13 pieces? 

Let us know by leaving a comment, below.

Published by Caron Mosey at Michigan Quilts! 2010

5 thoughts on “Spools Quilt Pattern – ‘Klosjes’ Quilt Pattern

  1. I have been making the Klosjes. I am using 5 pieces. They are 3 inches. Have about 170 done so far. Enjoying the hand piecing. It has been a long time since I hand pieced anything.It is fun.


  2. hello all,
    I make my klosjes 3″, with 5 templates. will make the klosjes that is only one pice from each fabric. hope it will be done.
    now I have 140 klosjes. it makes so much fun to sew this little things.
    wish you a wonderful sunday from österreich


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