Barns: The Disappearing American Icon

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The Woodworker and I enjoy driving out in the country to enjoy the peace and quiet, especially on a beautiful summer evening.  Last night was the perfect evening.  We rode for almost two hours with no destination in mind, around Genesee County, Shiawassee County and Saginaw County in Mid-Michigan.  Half way through our ride we swung through McDonalds for a fast food dinner we could eat in the car.  We drove paved roads, dirt roads, and roads that looked like nothing more than a narrow cow path.  We both spotted this cluster of barns a distance away, and the truck just seemed to want to go in that direction… so we did.

I love barns.  In fact, our first son’s baby quilt was a barn quilt with nine barns, quilted in a chicken wire pattern.DSC01583We drove up to the barns and I just had to get another picture or two.  They looked to be freshly painted and were next to a farmhouse that also looked lovingly tended. DSC03645 DSC03646 I love that they included the date on the largest barn:


Signing the date on the barn… kind of like signing and dating a quilt.

I feel another barn quilt in my future.


Published by Caron Mosey at Michigan Quilts! 2010